To learn about the value of your collectibles, it is advisable that you do some research first. We recommend that you look up prices practiced by the main suppliers or auctions on eBay. SOC does not assign values to any collectible.
All shipping costs are according to the shipping fees that appear in the submission process.

Your collectible will be encapsulated right after authentication, in one of our fantastic holders according to its size, format and thickness.
Note that we cannot guarantee the encapsulation of memorabilia, due to the variability of shapes and dimensions.
After authentication, your collectible will undergo quality control to ensure that the entire process was carried out correctly and in the best way.
Your collectible will be immaculate when leaving the SOC building.

To pack your collectible, visit our instructions for bulletproof packaging page. Shipping can be carried out through any carrier of your choice.

Cards: SOC does not authenticate cards that show evidence of any type of tampering, such as trimming, restoration, recoloring, among others, as well as cards that are of questionable authenticity.


Parcels that do not arrive sealed or arrive poorly sealed will be rejected and returned to the sender. You can refer to our packing instructions to help you. Special One Cards will not be responsible for any damage that happens to your card while in transit to SOC’s facilities.

If the order is still in process, you can contact us through our contact form and request a change of address.
If the order is completed, it is not possible to change the shipping address.

If there is a problem with the label after receiving your collectible, you can contact us through our contact form to report the problem.
If SOC determines that there is, indeed, a problem with the label, we will initiate the entire process to correct that problem, free of charge to you.

At SOC, we have a team of qualified professionals to analyze every collectible based on a set of rigorous criteria, allowing to determine the status of the collectibles. Approval for submission may depend on several factors, such as: status of the collectible, history behind it, whether we have already authenticated a collectible from the same edition or not, quality of the submitted photographs, among others. SOC reserves the right to deny authentication of a collectible based on careful verification by our experts.
If your collectible has not been approved for reasons related to the submitted photographs, you can make a new submission with new photographs – these must present the best possible visibility and quality, and cannot be dark, poor quality photographs or contain filters, cuts or any other editing element or others that make an objective analysis of the collectible by our team of experts impossible.
You will have to pay for the new verification request.

The turnaround time indicated by SOC is only an estimate of the time it will take to authenticate the collectible. We do everything possible to ensure that this deadline is met, however, due to various factors such as number of submitted collectibles, the desired authentication service or other factors external to SOC, the turnaround time may exceed that presented.

Orders cannot be canceled or altered once they are in transit to SOC.

SOC registry

You can contact us through our contact form and ask for the SOC registration department.