We verify
rare collectibles

in the trading cards universe

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How we started

In 2022, we emerged with a mission to revolutionize
the authentication of collectibles, unveiling a novel approach
to showcase their authenticity.

We believed each
collectible was a unique masterpiece

And that's our purpose.
Our emblem symbolizes the journey with you to own a collectible
with an extraordinary history, an illustrious past, and the promise
of an unparalleled future—a true Special One.

For us,
Your collection isn't
just valuable

It showcases the ultimate piece.
A unique narrative that unfolds with unparalleled singularity, distinctive traits that set it apart from the rest. It symbolizes a resounding victory in the race for the constant evolution of collectibles.

We're Redefining


We meticulously verify collectibles
with a dedicated team for rigorous and high-quality authentication



We communicate openly with our clients, providing fixed costs the authentication service. There'll be no surprise-fees



We value the intangible in collectibles, the unseen unique qualities. Each piece isn't just a collectible, it's a Special One

Do you have a card waiting to become a Special One?