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types of

Special One

For previously authenticated collectibles

$200 + VAT

• For previously authenticated collectibles

Requires: Document proving the authentication

• In this service, your card will only be authenticate as a Special One

Delivery: 2 weeks - 1 month

Initial verification: $1 + VAT
Special One Re-authentication: $199 + VAT


For unauthenticated collectibles

$500 + VAT

• For collectibles that never been authenticated

• Upon confirmation, the collectible returns with the prestigious Special One label

Delivery: 2 - 3 months

Initial verification: $1 + VAT
Special One Re-authentication: $499 + VAT

The process

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Fill out the form

Just fill out the form with collectible information:
1- Collectible Info;
2- Your Special Story and photos;
3- Tell us your name and email;
4- Order Confirmation
Easy, right?

We also recommend you to create an account for access to the client area and track your submission’s progress seamlessly.


After filling the form, we’ll verify your request and card info. Once your initial verification request gets the green light, expect a link in your email to wrap up the submission.

Note:  For those with an already authenticated collectible, you’ll also have to send an email to with payment proof and a printscreen of the previous authentication, with your order number in the subject. Pack carefully for optimal condition during transit. Check here the instructions for bulletproof packaging.
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Creating a Special One
The final step: pack and send your collection.
We’ll work our magic, transforming your card into an authenticated collectible.
Once done, we’ll ship it back to you, adorned with the esteemed slabs & holders of a Special One.

And that’s it!
You’ll have in your possession a uniquely valued object authenticated by Special One Cards.