Having a ‘Special One’ collectible is not just having a special collectible.
This one collectible is the summary of a desire to be unique.
It is the realization that only a very unique being can have it.
And for something so exclusive, we have the perfect solution: our high quality slabs will not only protect your collectible like the treasure it is, they will also steal all the attention for themselves.


At Special One Cards, we encapsulate your collectible in excellent quality holders to protect it with all strength and durability. You don’t need to worry about spilling, breaking or any other possible damage to your collectible. Our top-of-the-line holders will keep your ‘Special One’ safe with all maximum protection. Plus, we offer a variety of formats and sizes to accommodate your collectible, no matter if it is a card or a comic.
Note: Due to the variability of formats and dimensions, we cannot guarantee the encapsulation of memorabilia.

Unique Label

We believe we can contribute to the uniqueness of your collectible beyond mere authentication. If your collectible is in our hands it’s because it is special and unique, and that’s why our labels always display ‘POP1’. Our generic label is already a great option to make your collectible stand out as the unique and special item that it is, but if you wish to go further and take that extra step to make it shine we also offer the option for a unique, full-art and custom-designed label. We dedicate some of our time to design this label especially for you. Starting from a selection of colors and elements based on the predominant tones of your collectible, we invest in visual harmony so that there are no collectibles more beautiful than yours. Are you ready to own the most unique collectible ever?